PCB Assembly Services

We provide flexible PCB assembly services to a wide range of customers – from small to very large and from local to multi-national businesses. Whether you require a small batch of boards to get a new product to market fast or have an established product that needs a fast turnaround, we’ll be ready to support your PCB assembly needs in a timely fashion.

With over 25 years of experience in the PCB assembly market we understand the unique needs and demands that our customers face. Our bespoke approach to each and every customer project puts us in the perfect position to help our customers meet their needs perfectly.

Surface Mount & Through Hole

High quality component placing requires attention to detail at every stage, from paste to reflow, we take nothing for granted and assume nothing.

Using the latest manufacturing equipment, we are able to place components smaller than 1mm2. We haven’t ignored conventional components, we offer full lead-free facilities for hand soldering for prototype or large volume production runs.

Quality Control

Our high quality approach doesn’t stop at the manufacturing stage – our quality control and procedures throughout IPS offer our customers the feeling of support and control they require.

The IPS in-house ‘continual improvement programme’ means all our staff are constantly trained and updated with the latest in information and technology.

Do you have questions about our flexible, PCB assembly offering?


We require a manufacturer that can handle free issue components. Can IPS help us?

This is not a problem for us, currently our business is split 50/50 between free issue and fully purchased projects. 

Do you have an AOI machine?

Yes, in fact we do. Not the newest of machines but our Omron AOI tester has been brilliant over the years and serves us very well for our customers needs.

Do I have to email our enquiry or can I visit to see you?

We would prefer you come to visit us rather than rely purely on email. That way you can see the IPS facilities, test our knowledge and make use of our in-house engineering team. During your visit you will also be able to view our opto and photonic demo room – normally a cause for many more conversations!

Other Services

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Looking to take your design to full manufacture?

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