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Choosing the correct TFT display

TFTs, or thin film transistors, refers to an active-matrix LCDs (liquid crystal displays). They are known for their resilience and versatility and have revolutionised how information can be presented across multipleRead more... The post Choosing the correct TFT...

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All you need to know about TFT displays

Known for their resilience and versatility, TFT displays have revolutionised how information can be presented and managed across multiple industries. TFT stands for thin film transistor, and in displays, thisRead more... The post All you need to know about TFT...

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Different purposes of light in horticulture

The use of light in horticulture has vastly increased in recent years. Knowledge of how light affects crops is still evolving,Read more... The post Different purposes of light in horticulture first appeared on IHS.

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Common Applications for Ultraviolet LEDs

Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation outside the visible light spectrum. It is a useful technology with multiple applications. Let us explore a few…. UV curing:Used in applications from manufacturing to dentistry, UV light can be used to cure a chemical...

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10 Common LCD, OLED and TFT Display Questions

1. What is a TFT? TFT stands for ‘Thin Film Transistor’ – it is a type of LCD that gives higher resolution and better image quality than standard LCDs. TheseRead more... The post 10 Common LCD, OLED and TFT Display Questions first appeared on IGS.

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How LEDs have changed the world

Over the past decade, LED technologies have been popping up everywhere at an increasing rate. The applications are vast, from OLED displays, automotive, to street lighting, to home accent lighting around a TV. LEDs have become a default choice in many lighting...

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Reduce, Refurbish, Re-use, and Restore with Inventronics

Increasingly we are hearing about sustainability and the importance of lowering wastage. To that effect, re-manufacturing luminaires has become an effective and viable option for system upgrades. Inventronics (OSRAM DS)Read more... The post Reduce, Refurbish, Re-use,...

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LED Dimming with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

The term modulation in essence refers to a form of control. Pulse width modulation in lighting is a specific method of control, used to effectively alter LED brightness. The PWM technique minimises the typical amount of deliverable power to single or multiple LEDs....

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ams NanEyeM Miniature Camera Modules

NanEyeM is a miniature sized image sensor for vision applications where size is a critical factor. The ability of the camera head to drive a signal through long cables makes this the ideal component for minimal diameter endoscopes. With a footprint of a just 1 mm2, it...

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DALI-2 sensors and pushbutton couplers

Technical Application Knowledge: From practice, for practice A DALI-based lighting system makes it easy for you to implement lighting installations that require additional functionality such as dimming or automatic on/off switching. Due to the mandatory certification...

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How LEDs can enhance security

In this age of technology, security measures have become an expected and precedented part of our daily lives. From online banking and facial recognition to CCTV and physical motion sensors.Read more... The post How LEDs can enhance security first appeared on IGS.

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What is CRI (Colour Rendering Index)?

Colour rendering index (CRI) is one method of measuring the distinctive attributes of a light source. It has been around since 1937 and is often misunderstood as a metric of light colour output quality. When really it is an indicator of how well an artificial...

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More growers are considering vertical farms and LED solutions due to their sustainability and efficiency. Through vertical farming, harsh weather conditions can be avoided, and all-year-round growing is possible.


SELV is used in many applications where safety is a paramount concern. With OSRAM LED drivers from @InventronicsLED, flexible luminaire design and increased safety is possible. Read more about it on @RSDesignSpark

Great explanation here on the difference between dose and dosage from @amsOSRAM - really useful information to use in conjunction with our UVC LED development boards

If you are interested in developing with UV technology, why not investigate our OSRAM UVC modules here

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