Design to Manufacture

Over the years, our team of engineers have helped countless companies realise their concepts into real world products. Our unique design to manufacture expertise in opto-electronics sets our skills and experience apart from many other companies offering these services.

With over 25 years of experience in the PCB assembly market, we understand the unique needs and demands that our customers face. Our bespoke approach to each and every customer project puts us in the perfect position to help our customers meet their needs perfectly.

Electronic Product Design

Optoelectronic and photonics design is at the heart of what we do – which means we have a very niche and complex set of skills. This, coupled with our 20+ years of electronics design, gives us a unique understanding of the many complex factors involved in product design.

Our engineering design team are involved at every stage of the product design and manufacturing cycle which ensures that each design has a smooth transition from design to manufacture.

Prototyping & NPI

Our in-house manufacturing facilities have been specifically selected and integrated into our business with the sole aim of being able to quickly manufacture one-off & low volume assemblies.

This has been done because we understand that the design to manufacture process requires several iterations before the final product is realised.

With laser cutting, die-sublimation printing and CNC carving all undertaken in-house, it’s not just your PCBA that can be designed and brought to realisation all under one roof.

Have a question about our Design to Manufacture services?


I already have a design completed, will you still be able to help me?

Absolutely. We offer services as discrete parts to a total solution. You can choose any or all of these services. You do not need to use the whole design to manufacture offering if you only need certain parts of it.

I have an idea but no knowledge of electronics or product design. What can you help me with?

This is not an unusual request! We are often approached by customers who just have an idea. We will sit with you to fully understand what it is you are trying to achieve. We will work out whether it is possible and most importantly, whether it is possible within the cost budget you need. Once we have worked this out we can then start working on the full design to manufacture process.

I'm looking to integrate a display into a product which currently does not have one. Can you help?

This is bread and butter to us!  We have spent the best part of 30 years helping our customers with electronic designs for displays and photonics. Problem solving is our real area of expertise and we often find solutions to designs where one wasn’t thought possible. 

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Are you looking for a full cable assembly solution?

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